Triple win for Onyx!

What an exciting weekend it has been! Three Onyx teams played home and away matches on Sunday, 30th of September and won all three games!

Men Div 1 – Onyx Black

Onyx Black, playing in first division, has started the volleyball marathon with an away game against Flaming Six Blackjacks. After a challenging game against Powerball last weekend Onyx players regrouped, fixed their weak spots and unleashed their full power to go ahead and win match 3:1.
Onyx Black started with a rough first set. For the second set our middle player Alaeldeen stepped up to take opposite position which at some point helped to secure 6 points in a row. Third and fourth set promised some more action as other players tried their skills in other positions. Even though Onyx Black were forced to take 2 timeouts at 20:18 and 20:19 in the fourth set last ball was lost on Flaming Six side and Onyx Black won with a close call at 21:19.
In this match we also welcomed two new joinees – Silvio and Derhen on court where they have demonstrated their outstanding skills and have proven that they have what it takes to be Onyxer. Lastly, it wouldn’t be complete without mentioning two great players who have led the team to the win – captain Luciano and outside hitter Audrius who have made this win possible.

Women Premier Div – Onyx Women

Representatives in Women Premier division were Onyx Women. They played their first match in London League against Lionhearts East where they faced some of the former Onyx members. This has proven to be a spectacular match drawing many spectators including some from other teams playing in London League.
After a rough start of two lost sets Onyx Women needed a new strategy and determination – loads of it, to win. The solution was brought forward by Joana – our former setter from lower division who was promoted to premier division this season. Joana has shown how service should be performed and managed to secure 6 points at the beginning of 3rd set for Onyx forcing Lionhearts to take a timeout at 4:0.
Third set was won by Onyx 21:9 and you would not believe it was the same team! It was Jana Parmova’s time to show the hidden strength of service which resulted in starting the 4th set with 4:0 against the opponents.
Lionhearts East have tried their best and have shown some amazing kills but it wasn’t enough. Onyx Women finished the game wining 3:2 and now they look forward to meet Lionhearts East for the away match on the 21st of January 2019.
This was a debut match for Onyx new coach Valerio who have trained the girls and helped them to recover and win.

Women Div 2 – Onyx Yellow

In the meantime, Onyx Yellow were facing Dynamo DareDevils in Bethnal Green in their first match of the season. After winning the first set 21:7 and losing the second 24:26 Onyx Yellow needed some action and changes. In the absence of Onyx Yellow captain Kelli it was decided that our middle hitter Marta would take the role. Marta took also a new role of playing as an opposite for the first two sets but later returned to the middle position giving the space for our new opposite spiker Ayca. The girls had also benefited greatly from Banu’s and Emi’s experience who brought many points for the team.
Watching the match you would see some familiar faces – Onyx Yellow libero Nathalie is back on court after a long absence! In addition, we also welcomed three new players to the team – Susana, Ayca and Yohana who have shown outstanding performance and teamwork on court. Onyx Yellow won the match 3:1 and had a great start of the season!

Next weekend will be equally exciting as Onyx Men face Flaming Six Aces for the National Cup on Saturday, 6th of October. On Sunday, 7th of October Onyx Women are playing National Cup against Polonia Ladies and Onyx Men are playing another match against ULU. We wish them best of luck and great rallies.