Onyx Yellow secures a win against Waltham Forest Women

Many will remember Onyx’ first season of 2016-2017. Being still in its infancy Onyx Women faced the strong Waltham Forest team only to beat them at home and lose in the away match. This was, however, sufficient for both teams to be promoted to the upper division for the season 2017-2018.

And here we meet WFW again. Loads of new faces but the same competitiveness is in the air.

Both teams had a slow start which seemed more like a warm up until Onyx decided to take matter in their hands and won 21:18.

In the second set we could see Onyx’ long term opposite player AK back on court where she performed 9 attacks on the opponents team. Onyx Yellow has pushed again and won second set 21:14.

Final set has shown a lot of action from both teams – strong spikes from Dona and Fabi and undefended match point from Onyx Yellow captain Marta. The whistle was blown at 21:9 and it was time to say goodbye to Waltham Forest Women for now. Let’s hope that history doesn’t repeat itself like 2 seasons ago.