Three more wins in one week! Onyx rises to the top!

Onyx Yellow, Onyx Men and Onyx Black have shown true masterclass of playing volleyball and have risen to the top of their league tables!

It started with Onyx Yellow bringing the whole squad to their home match against Tuskers. In fact, there were more ladies that rules allow so some players had to support their teammates from the bench.

After a slow start of 21:18 in the first set, Onyx girls picked up the pace and put a lot of pressure on the opponents. The strategy has proven to be sufficient and second and third sets were won 21:6 and 21:8 respectively. Onyx Yellow captain Banu said after the game: “All girls were very happy to play and you could feel great energy on the court “.

Wednesday was Onyx Men’s turn to host the match against Wapping Wildcats. Full squad again – including Alaeldeen and captain Luciano from the first division.

Wapping Wildcats have shown great game in the 1st set and beat Onyx Men 21:18. This was a wake up call for our guys who came back in the 2nd set and delivered a smashing 21:13 win. Onyx Men have shown consistency with the lineup in all 4 sets only to let Alaeldeen to score some points in the final set. Sets 3 and 4 were won 21:16 and 21:19 respectively.

The Grand Finale of the week was Onyx Black match against Malory Eagles. Onyx welcomed the new setter on court – Rodrigo who has shown outstanding performance on court with many precise sets for all spikers. Additionally, Onyx’ new opposite player – Bruno has brought many points home and, thanks to his great blocking skills, has stopped numerous attacks from Malory Eagles. The stars of the match were outside hitter Audrius and libero Filipe. Audrius has demonstrated how to kill the ball and avoid any blocks. Filipe with his agility has defended many balls which seemed to be lost.

Onyx Black won Malory Eagles 3:0 (21:15, 23:21, 21:19). London Volleyball League